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Yes it’s true, we get Apache Leads Complaints from time to time, just like every other business on the internet.

With the advent of the internet which has brought us instant communication to every corner of the planet it seems our patience wears thin over the most minor of events. We want everything now, instantly or we get annoyed.

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Even the microwave oven is too slow these day, smart phones are too slow, everything is just too slow and annoying. In addition people are working harder and longer now and it’s getting harder to make ends meet.

Of course now and then a client who has had a bad day decides to vent their anger on us. We understand their frustration, we can even see what has happened. They have had a bad day at work and come home and start calling leads.

This is not a good idea, calling leads while in a bad mood is never going to get a good result.

Anyway they go ahead, call some leads who can just feel their bad mood down the phone line. The caller gets more frustrated by the “stupid bad leads” and decides to tear us a new one!

When this happens to us we try to calm the situation but sometimes it doesn’t work.

That’s when they really go off the deep end and call us scammers, thieves, liars and lots of other stuff. Then we are threatened with never working again in their country or state. They are going to report us to every authority under the sun.

We try to avoid this because it’s very unfair that people can go to sites and just post defamatory comments without a shred of evidence. Those unfair and incorrect comments stay on the internet forever. Much longer than these people stay in network marketing.

The main reason they don’t make it a success is obvious to everyone, except them. MLM is a people business and they never develop any people skills.

I don’t want to sound like I am bragging when I say I built two successful mlm businesses; one with Amway and one with Life Force. I learned it’s always about getting along with people and providing good leadership.

Treating people poorly will only lead to failure.

What I’m trying to get at is, Apache Leads has been in business since 2003. If we really were all those terrible things we are accused of by these over emotional clients, we would definitely have been put out of business years ago.

The BBB has a record of a single complaint against Etranz (our parent company) and that complaint was dismissed in our favor. Read The BBB Report Here

All our terms of service are on the site, there is a link to them on every single page. They clearly state that if you use our site you agree to the terms.

The main sticking point with those complaining is our no refund policy. This is not some hidden away policy its right there in black and white. We, like most lead companies do not give refunds simply because we already had expenses just processing a clients order and delivering leads. Leads are not free.

We guarantee our leads that if they are uncontactable then yes we will replace them. We don’t refund or replace them because they said no to learning about a particular business opportunity.

We have no control over the presentation and calling skills of our clients. some are great at it and others really need to get some training and a good modern script that converts.

Blaming the leads is like a bad pool player blaming the balls for not going in the holes!

All I can do in the face of these one sided false accusations against Apache Leads is say we are a professional, legitimate leads business. We specialize in providing leads for the network marketing industry and have done since 2003.

We guarantee all our leads, we offer toll free numbers as well as email contact. We have a real address and real phone numbers. We file our tax returns every year.

We pay our bills and are 100% debt free.

We are real people with real feelings trying to do a good job.

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Apache Leads Complaints by emotional newbies to the mlm industry are always unfair and unfounded

Apache Leads Complaints are always defamatory and one sided

Apache Leads Complaints can always be avoided by the complainer calming down and acting like a professional