Why Are There Apache Leads Complaints

Why Are There Apache Leads Complaints

People are, of course, free to complain about anything.  People complain about Walmart, McDonalds, Ford, every business gets complaints.  It’s doesn’t make them a bad company and one you should not deal with.

Often complaints make them better.  That is if the complaints are genuine and not just malicious.  Constructive complaints are excellent ways to make a business perform better and to improve the client experience.

Recently we completed construction of a major new back office for use by our clients.  This project took over a year from conception to completion.  It’s cutting edge, very innovative and is most likely the best leads delivery system in the industry.

This came about as a direct result of complaints we were receiving from our existing leads management system.

At Apache Leads, complaints are taken seriously and acted upon.

The only sort of complaint about Apache Leads that we cannot do anything about are those that are irrational, simply not telling the truth and are obviously emotionally driven.  Sometimes people have many other issues in their lives and we happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when they explode.

We would rather talk and work with you to solve the issue, isn’t that the mature, civilized way to work on problems?


For all Apache Leads Complaints, please contact our customer support or, contact me, Don Reid directly and I absolutely promise you we will do whatever it takes to make things good.

Thanks for taking the time to read this apache leads complaints post.