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We love to hear from visitors and clients.  Your comments are what makes us better and so we truly value hearing from you.

We especially want to know about your complaints, it gives us the opportunity to solve the problem for you and to get us both back on a good relationship.

The very best way to contact us is to come to our main site.  We have a contact page there with a contact form and a chat.

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All companies receive complaints sometimes, it’s the nature of business and the nature of humans that not everyone can be pleased all the time.

Since we began in business in 2003 Apache Leads has served thousands of clients.  We have provided millions of leads.

We strive to be clear in our product descriptions as to exactly what we are selling.  We guarantee to replace any bad leads.  We provide free training guides and free network marketing scripts.

Unfortunately, a very small percentage of our clients, feel they know everything they need to know to build a mlm business and refuse all advice, all help and plow on regardless.

Then we they discover none of the leads they bought from us want to be in business with them, they blame us and the leads.  According to them, it’s all the leads fault.

We have all met people like this in our lives and they are never successful.  They bully people, cheat, yell, scream and rant when they do not get their way.  That’s the sort of people who have posted complaints about Apache Leads.

Not one of those people is in network marketing anymore.  I rest my case.

You be the judge.  Come to Apache Leads, join our email list and receive a discount coupon and access to free killer network marketing scripts.

See what you think about us AFTER you meet us.  Apache Leads Complaints are all important to us and we have learned lessons from them.  We sure don’t like complaints, hey, we’re human too, but we do listen and we do try harder.

Thanks so much for giving us a voice

Please click here to Contact Apache Leads